Summer arrived a little early so we took a camera down to the wood to get a few shots of our own dogs, Bubble and Milo, having a great time in the lush greenery. Hope you enjoy the snaps!

Bubble is a very cute and much loved 10 year old Jack Russell with short legs and a big personality who has been with us since she was just 6 weeks old. Milo is a new addition to our family. He’s a very loveable¬†and super soft¬†3 year old black lab, who occasionally misplaces his brain but not his heart.

They love spending time in the wood more than anything, sniffing out creatures, dashing through the undergrowth and splashing into the stream.

We hope you enjoy the photos, which can found on our Facebook page at this link. While you’re there, make sure you ‘like us’ to be updated when more photos of our boarders are posted.


Bubble & Milo