We have a bitter sweet story to share with you about one of our guests; a lovely brown boxer called Roxy.

Roxy was dropped off by her owners on the 8th February this year, for what was meant to be a two week stay. It was her 2nd visit to us and we were happy to be looking after her, as we knew her to be a very good natured dog.

Her stay with us was fine and on the 21st February we readied her for collection by her owners but by the time night fell, Roxy was still with us.

The next morning came and Roxy stayed put, so we tried to call her owners and her emergency contact, fearing that something unfortunate may have occurred. Every call ended without an answer, a pattern that went on for several days until we decided it was time to pay her owners a visit, in person.

Whilst we were glad to discover there had not been an accident, we now understood that Roxy had been abandoned.

So now we need to find a new home for Roxy and we would like to use the power of the web to help us to do this. Do you know of anyone who would like to give Roxy a safe and loving home? Please share this message and help us to give her the home she deserves.

About Roxy

Roxy   RoxyRoxy

Roxy is a 6 year old Boxer. She’s brown in colour and slender in build. She’s very friendly and bouncy enjoys lots of fuss and play. She’s been well looked after but can be slightly nervy, although this trait has softened immensely in the time we have had her and her whole demeanour has become a great deal more.  She is certainly very loyal and we can already tell that she is beginning to see us as family, so we know she will make a very fine pet indeed.

Please share this message with anyone you think might be interested in taking her in and don’t hesitate to call us on 01562 701 288 if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help!