Life At Deansford kennels

Your dog's stay will be safe, comfortable & enjoyable - their very own holiday


Inside_NewBlock_2015At the end of 2014, we moved into our new kennel block. This is a large, vaulted indoor space with powerful ventilation bringing fresh air in and through the facility, which means our guests are kept fresh, warm and dry, even in the depths of winter.

Each dog has their own individual kennel comprised of a heated sleeping area and a run to which they have access all day long. Each kennel also has a window to the outside so they always can see trees and fields and to ensure the dogs have additional stimulation, we leave a radio on throughout the day.

Bruce_WindowWe clean each kennel at least twice a day in the morning and evening and as required any time in between, we strive to ensure that when you collect your pet they are as clean and fresh as the day you dropped them off.

Each night, the dogs are bedded down to keep them warm and quiet and make sure they have a good night’s rest. The outer door to each kennel’s sleeping area is shut at night and the gate to the runs is locked to ensure the security of your animals. Our house is only 30 yards from the kennels so any sounds from the dogs being disturbed or uncomfortable can easily be heard and immediately investigated.

Our kennels are licensed under the ‘Animal Boarding Establishments Act, 1963’ and we strive to greatly exceed all expected standards, to provide 5 star accommodation.


FeedingWe will always feed your dogs as you wish and can provide them with a variety of tinned food, biscuit meal or fresh tripe but if you wish to bring your own food for them that is also fine. Dogs are fed either in the morning, evening or both if required.

Special dietary requirements will be maintained throughout your dog’s stay, if required.


Jacks_in_BedWe provide each dog has with an appropriately sized bed, complete with soft blankets and heat lamps overhead, should the weather turn cold. If you wish to bring you own bedding and toys for them to play with, that is absolutely fine. Please note that whilst we will strive to ensure everything well looked after, we cannot accept liability for any wear and tear that occurs during the stay


ExerciseEvery dog is walked 3 times a day for about 1/2 mile each time, in our own fields and woodland, no matter what the weather. We first walk them as soon as their pens are opened in the morning around 7:30am, again at lunch time and immediately after feeding in the evening before dark. We like to get to know each dog and try to ensure that they walk with other dogs who’s company they enjoy. We see this as more than just exercise. Exposure to other dogs broadens social skills and improves behaviour that can last beyond their stay and we do our best to encourage this.

Wherever possible, we use extendable ‘flexi’ leads so they can run around and if we know the dog well, they will go off the lead.

Vaccinations & Medical Needs

Vaccinations & Medical NeedsThe ensure the safety and well being of all our guests, we insist that all dogs have the following vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis
  • Distemper
  • Leptospirosis
  • Kennel Cough

If you have any queries regarding vaccinations, we recommend that you speak to our friends at the Clent Hills Veterinary Practice.

We will administer medication or treatments to your dog for no additional charge but dogs with infectious or contagious conditions may be refused admission. If your dog has a pre-arranged trip to the vet during their stay, we will be happy to help them get there but we may add a small charge to cover costs for this.

Welcome to Deansford Kennels.

Mum & Dad PS copy

Thank you for visiting our site, I’d like to introduce my wife Philppa and myself, Robin Depper.  We have been happily married for 40 years and lived here, at Deansford Farm, for over 32 of them.  We have two grown-up children, Joanna & Alex and two dogs of our own, a very cheeky jack russell called Bubble and a lovable black lab called Milo. We have both been privileged to have surrounded by animals our entire lives. Philippa’s parents established Broadmarsh Kennels and as a jockey, I have worked with horses and dogs since I was young and together we have run Deansford Kennels with our family for over 30 years. Since my retirement from the construction industry in early 2014, the kennels are now my main focus and we both want to make it the very best place that you can leave your dog while you are away. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Robin and Philippa