After a long few months of building, welding, ¬†plumbing, cabling, painting and cleaning, we’re proud to announce that our new kennel block is in use.

The new block is a large, vaulted indoor space with 20 kennels of various size inside.  Each dog (or family of dogs) has their own individual kennel comprised of a heated sleeping area and a run to which they have access all day long.

Each kennel also has a window to the outside, so they always can see trees and fields and to ensure they have additional stimulation, we leave a radio on throughout the day.

We have installed a powerful ventilation to bring fresh air in and through the facility, which means our guests are kept fresh, warm and dry, even in the depths of winter.

The new block has it’s own fitted kitchen to prepare meals and we have installed a large commercial washing and drying unit to insure blankets are always clean and fresh.

Finally we also have anew reception area so that no matter what the weather, you can stay warm and dry when dropping or collecting your dogs.

If you would like to take a look around, please call us on 01562 701 288 to arrange a time to visit.

Looking along the new kennel block







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